Group Therapy

Mental illnesses require consistent and elaborate treatment for significant period of time. Often the symptoms of illness tend to recur due to lack of insight about their illness and improper ways & means to deal with it. Such recurrences or relapses affect an individual’s ability to function in his/her optimum capacities. Group Therapy has been embedded in Nityanand’s protocol since its inception to help ease such difficulties.

Rehabilitation in its essence means returning to mainstream to lead a quality life. Group therapy centre is where our group therapists and counsellors together retrain patients in various life skills such as communication, adjustment, expressing themselves, taking responsibilities and being consistent with a stress free level of functionality.

In group therapy, lot of vocationally oriented training is also undertaken e.g. candle making, jewellery making, stitching sling bags, making paper bags, painting clay diyas, painting vases, making decorative articles out of recyclable material etc. Since these activities can be done effectively with little effort and support, with time & practice patients achieve consistency and efficiency. This gives them much needed confidence and helps in better recovery. When required, our group therapists also train parents into these activities so that they can help and encourage their loved ones into learning and retaining these skills.

All the products prepared in group therapy are sold in a shop/stall run by some patients themselves. On festive occasions, the stalls are extended to outside premises too.

This is done to make the patients  do something with or without support which makes them  feel happy.