Rohini Mane

Group Therapist

Academic Qualification

  • M.S.W from Shivaji University , Satara ( 2004)
  • Diploma in Psychotherapy

Work Experience

She has been working in Nityanand for over 8 years ( since 2009) . Prior to that she has worked in Naidu hospital as a counsellor and H.R Advisor in Wipro.

Roles and responsibilites

She is responsible for designing and executing activities through group therapy , to help patients develop basic life and social skills using techniques of behavioural therapy i.e. BT. Organizes many activities to improve functionality and skills that have been affected due to illness. Gives guidance to family members to help them handle their patient better and keep their work structured after discharge

 Key accomplishments

  • Has arranged for many skills training workshops for patients like Jewellery making, wax candle making etc. All these activities are still being effectively run by Nityanand’s Group Therapy and activity centre.
  • Has successfully organized many of Nityanands indoor seminars on Psychoeducation for family members of patients.