Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

Don’t forget to take a look at gun control essay examples too before writing one, and a hook for gun rights essay may also be helpful. Tell whether you believe weapons are necessary for defending yourself and being in safety, or on the contrary, you think guns may lead to a high school shooting or other crime and the law should go through a reform. Share if you see any solution — elaborate a thesis statement about gun control to consolidate your beliefs. You can find an argumentative how to start a quote in America to familiarize yourself with the main questions on the issue. Having a gun does not necessarily that the majority of deaths that occur in the United States is from injury related to using one. As gun control is already regulated, firearms are essential in the reduction of crimes.

essay on gun control

It’s vital to start each major point with a new paragraph and also, make sure to present your most persuasive argument last. The majority of people who own firearms buy them to protect themselves and their families. If you feel that you do not have enough time to gather the best research, do not worry you can order a custom essay online from professional writers. Have confidence in our expert team of writers from various academic backgrounds. There are also free guides and blogs to help you with any type of writing projects in the future. Thousands of happy students who graduated with our essay help.

Why Guns Should Not Be Banned Essay

This subject has been a topic of debate in recent years due to prevalent mass shootings, especially in school. The Gun Policy in America initiative produced detailed reviews describing what is and isn’t known about the effects of gun policies.

After tragedies such as the one in Parkland, Florida, many have called for a ban on guns. Of course, no parent, student, or teacher should ever have to experience a situation… In this generation, shootings are just another ordinary what is controlling idea event that happens every week or every month. More and more people are feeling unsafe everywhere they go because of how outrageous people act. Sometimes if people get frustrated or angry, they take out their aggression on…

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Opines that guns pose a high danger in the world because of its lack of strict laws on gun controls. The congress should make progress on regulating the access to guns and people should have basic knowledge and responsibilities of the usage of guns. Explains that gallup poll showed that the percentage of americans favoring stricter gun laws fell 7 points in 2014, from 38 to 31 percent. Argues that the need for stricter gun control laws has gotten worse over the last few years as a result of all the shootings that have happened. Opines that gun control is a controversial issue that will only grow until gun violence declines.

Weapons throughout America are used either for protection or for sport. Though these weapons may usually be needed as necessities ranging from hunting for food to protection for… Gun control has been a huge controversy for many years, so many people believe that if we have strict gun laws then crime rates drop. Gun control is needed in our world because it will stop crimes and provide safety for our community. This gun control law is needed because it will put an end to mass shootings in our world.

Opinion: Pushing back against gun control arguments By Cathy S Wright

This chart clearly shows that despite over 80 guns are owned per 100 people (Fig. 1) in the United States , the mortality rate due to guns is low. There are under 20 deaths from gun-related incidents shown on this chart.

Nobody would be able to defend themselves against armed intruders. This will likely result in the completion of many thefts, but will also come… Guns, more often than not, get a negative association of death. The majority of the media only focuses how to use a quote in an introduction paragraph on the negatives of guns. The only thing one hears concerning guns is about murder and mass killings…. Whereas any person has the right to own a gun as a measure of defence, not all people are capable of resisting the desire to move the trigger.

Gun Control Essay Guide with Examples

Extreme gun control is a mistake in the United States because according to the second amendment, people of the United States have the right to bear arms. If people have additional gun restrictions, there will be more safety issues due to the fact that people… Get your 100% customized paper done in as little as 3 hours Let`s start Besides, many gun laws have been proven to be effective and decrease the number of homicides.

  1. Extreme gun control is a mistake in the United States because according to the second amendment, people of the United States have the right to bear arms.
  2. Then proceed with a description of what the article will include and maybe some interesting background to the research undertaken.
  3. According to Amnesty International, every year, nearly 30,000 people are killed due to the escalation…
  4. In the next section of the article, you will find nine examples of introductions — three for every essay type described.
  5. A large number of victims who have sustained bullets wounds have been recorded even though some cases go unreported.
  6. People use them to commit suicide or commit crime, and in those situations it can cause death and serious injuries.

Anti-gunners politicize columbine to push radical or ineffective methods of restricting firearms. Explains that how to quote a article in an essay 61 percent of people supported more aggressive gun laws after the sandy hook elementary school homicide.

Argumentative Summary: Gun Control

Furthermore, there are restrictions on the types of weapons that can be sold and the types of ammunition allowed. It has become traditional for professors to have their students write essays on sociocultural or sociopolitical topics recently. Some popular subjects include gender inequality, LGBT and women’s rights, and public health.

  1. Body of text – Supporting evidence and statistics for the argument.
  2. Depending on the type of essay or work you are writing this will have an impact on how to reference material used.
  3. Hence, this will reduce taxpayer expenditure on healthcare costs related to gun violence and deaths.
  4. And finally, keep the requirements of academic writing style as our writers do.
  5. That is why america needs to implement tighter gun laws to reduce the amount of gun violence in America.

The majority of staff and students are not concerned with being a victim of violence and feel safe on their campuses. Also, numbers and statistics indicate that faculty and students are in opposition of concealed carry on campuses being allowed. In recent years, gun control has been an issue brought to the public’s eyes.


Extreme gun control is a mistake in the United States because according to the Second Amendment, people of the United States have the right to bear arms. If people have additional gun restrictions, there will be more safety issues due to the fact that people cannot defend themselves, there will be hunting conflicts gun control is not about guns, it is about control. The foundation of our country was built on the right to own and control firearms. Non-proliferation is a juridical action geared in obstruction and the possession of guns, particularly handguns. Alternatively, it is understood in consideration of larger point of view being legal restrictions as well as and limitation of actual custody and service of the shooting iron.

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Joe Bidens position on gun control trending

In conclusion Laws are currently in place but they are not being enforced by our government. If government is willing to enforce their laws, then citizens will abide by the laws. Many people feel that access to semiautomatic weapons creates the possibility of a small group of citizens causing a mass casualty scenario. An essay about gun control and national security talks about how gun control laws have changed over time and dig into the statistics on how many mass shootings are related to access to semiautomatic weapons each year.

essay on gun control

Gun rights supporters believe that if guns were less accessible there would be less crime and suicide. Argues that stronger gun control laws rid the possibility of gun-related violence, crime and death, and more difficultly accessible guns would reduce exposure to the youth. Argues that limiting gun ownership with laws could prevent individuals from possessing guns, but it does not prevent people from illegally having or using guns. Opines that guns are not safe, and that gun massacres most often use legal weapons. In this opinion essay, Johnson both includes factors that have contributed to his thoughts on gun control and presents compelling legal evidence to prove his argument. Johnson expertly discusses how laws that demand changes in gun supply are symbolic only and shares why he believes these laws will not work to change gun violence rates in the United States. There’s no denying that words matter, especially with tough issues like gun control.

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