The Facts About Alcoholic Wet Brain

Some people may have heart problems, low blood pressure, and permanent nerve damage that cannot be reversed. There are also circumstances where the disease could be fatal if it progresses long enough without medical intervention. Wet brain is a serious condition that can be difficult from which to recover. Before the thiamine supplements are given, most doctors will check the thiamine levels in the blood of each patient. The blood work should also look at the concentration of other vitamins and minerals. It handles cellular production of energy, and enhances neuronal activities. It’s also responsible for managing and regulating many other critical bodily functions.

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Unfortunately, it is not likely that symptoms that have already begun to form could be reversed. Some individuals need to stay in a hospital where they can receive vitamin B1 injections. This will often help them become less delirious and confused, as well as minimize vision problems and muscle coordination problems, but it will not reverse the issue of memory loss. However, the most common reason this issue develops is as a result of alcohol abuse. This is why the disorder is sometimes called alcoholic encephalopathy or alcoholic dementia. Sufficient treatment must include quitting alcohol consumption. Vitamin B1 supplements alone are not enough to ensure the treatment of the wet brain.

What is Wet Brain?

Their health should be their main priority, and it’s important that they know they are able and worthy of receiving treatment. Watch actions closely — Whether it’s you or your loved one, at times it can be hard to know when someone is struggling because they may try to convince themselves or you that they are fine.

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A smaller percentage of patients experience a decrease in reaction time of the pupils to light stimuli and swelling of the optic disc which may be accompanied by retinal hemorrhage. Finally, the symptoms involving stance and gait occur in about 23% of patients and result from dysfunction in the cerebellum and vestibular system. Other symptoms that have been present in cases of WE are stupor, low blood pressure , elevated heart rate , as well as hypothermia, epileptic seizures and a progressive loss of hearing. People who develop Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome will exhibit a range of symptoms including confusion, loss of muscle coordination, vision changes, and more.

Stages of Wet Brain

The terms “sopping” or “drenched” are not used, and perhaps intentionally so. The system is neither; it is in a state of constant wetness or, the opposite, never being dry. Like with Wernicke’s encephalopathy, Korsakoff’s syndrome can eventually lead to coma and death. As a joint problem, both of the syndromes that make up wet brain are extremely severe and should be dealt with as soon as possible in order for the individual to be able to avoid further, serious effects. Vitamin B1 should be given as soon as possible to patients presenting with symptoms of the wet brain. A Vitamin B1 injection will help to address symptoms of confusion, delirium, vision problems, and trouble with muscle coordination. First, neurological symptoms, such as vision problems and problems with muscle coordination, usually present themselves.

Those who receive thiamine supplements early on are more likely to recover. With that said, they may still sustain some minor permanent damages to the brain.

Wet Brain: What Other Health Problems Can It Cause?

People who have been struggling with alcoholism for many years are likely to develop these two conditions together as a result of the thiamine depletion in the brain. About percent of the people who develop Wernicke’s encephalopathy will subsequently develop Korsakoff’s psychosis. At times, doctors may prescribe glucose to hypoglycaemic alcoholics. This is because glucose will quickly eat up the body’s remaining thiamine reserves. This will only worsen wet brain symptoms, especially if additional thiamine is not given. To counter this, a higher dose of thiamine supplement is given to patients.

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People with Korsakoff’s psychosis have increased difficulty with coordination and movement. They will also exhibit symptoms of retrograde amnesia and find it challenging to learn and process new information.

What is Wet Brain Syndrome?

For one, there are endless potential disasters attributed to poor decision-making while inebriated. If this were not enough, any number of ailments can be the results of alcohol overuse, dependence, and substance disorders. These detriments include life-threatening outcomes as well, including heart disease, alcohol poisoning, stroke, liver disorders, and even cancer. Wet brain is a progressive syndrome, so the sooner you can get medical help, the more likely you are to prevent further brain damage.

  • Learning from my counselor the most knowledgeable thing was that I do have a purpose; I deserve the life I dreamt of as a kid.
  • Treatment often involves hospitalization and significant, long-term lifestyle changes.
  • In general, the human body needsabout 0.33 mg of thiaminefor every 1,000 calories it needs to consume.
  • The first, Wernicke encephalopathy, causes damage to the lower part of the brain.
  • Group and family therapy help to build new relationships and rebuild existing relationships, so the individual has additional support once they leave the program.

At River Oaks, we offer customized care plans to help you on your recovery journey at our beautiful Hillsborough County campus. However, a study inAlcohol & Alcoholismshows that this does not always work. The study concludes that symptom reversal by thiamine alone is incomplete or does not occur after the condition has reached a certain level of severity.

What Is The Life Expectancy of Someone With Wet Brain?

In addition to conducting a physical examination, doctors may also order imaging tests to look for damage to the brain. Thepatient must be sober to be diagnosedwith Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, though. The best way to find out if you have wet brain or Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is to see a doctor. Your doctor can provide an accurate diagnosis and help you find treatment for alcohol addiction once your physical health has recovered. Seek treatment for alcoholism and achieve and maintain sobriety to prevent and minimize the occurrence of permanent brain damage.

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Early diagnosis and treatment can reverse some of the symptoms of Wernicke’s encephalopathy, which is the first stage of the condition. Administering high doses of thiamine is the first course of action when treating wet brain because the brain severely lacks the nutrient. However, this is most effective in the early stages of the condition, where thiamine can still help to improve brain function. Wet brain is most commonly seen in people with alcohol use disorder. In fact, the term ‘wet brain’ was developed in direct reference to the condition’s link with alcohol dependence and misuse. The best way to prevent wet brain syndrome is to avoid heavy alcohol use.

Signs and symptoms

The first stage of, Wernicke encephalopathy, is an acute condition. Early intervention during this stage can help to reverse those symptoms. If the diagnosis is made in time and treatment is administered, it’s even possible to completely resolve early symptoms.

  • But most of all, I felt great progress happened in group and one on one’s with counselors.
  • One of these nutrients is thiamine, so when the liver pulls too much from the brain, it creates a B1 deficiency resulting in Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome.
  • The answer to this question depends on how far the condition has progressed.
  • Glucose, a type of sugar, also increases the likelihood of developing an alcoholic wet brain.

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