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Leading Mental Health Care institute in India since last 15 years. Experience of treating over 10000 persons with chronic mental illnesses and addiction Brochure(English) Brochure(Marathi)


We visited several centres to treat my sister’s psychosis, among them Nityanand is the best. Patient used to stop medicines due to their reaction. In Nityanand, medicines dose is set as per patient condition and fear of medicines is removed due to which patient is now regular in taking medicines. Here, Doctors and  Counsellors are friendly & easily available. In family meeting, discussion of family, patient, doctor, counsellor does help a lot to understand where as a family we are going wrong. Other remedies used in centre e.g. music therapy are also effective.

Avinash Pawar

My nephew,  physically as well as mentally challenged was admitted in Nityanand. He was in an extremely bad state.. He had lost his memory,  and did not remember his home address.  After 3-4 months the of treatment he improved so much that he could confidently travel between Mumbai and Pune along!

His anxiety, depression was well taken care of. He has become very manageable, cooperative and cool! Nityanand has great facilities at a very nominal rate.

Staff is very efficient,  kind and cooperative. Dr. Nitin Dalaya is doing a commendable job as a psychiatrist. I pray he should keep growing in this field as he is doing great service for humanity.

Kusum Harsora

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