Nityanand's Bio-Psychosocial Model

"Though no one can go back and change the beginning, anyone can start from now and make a trademark new ending."

Reclaim Your Life: A 4-Phase Recovery Roadmap

The Nityanand Treatment Protocol is a comprehensive programme divided into four distinct phases:

Phase 1

Acute Phase
(Weeks 1-6)

Phase 2

Stabilisation Phase
(Weeks 7-12)

Phase 3

Psychosocial Intervention Phase
(Weeks 13-20)

Phase 4

Rehabilitation Phase
(Weeks 13-20)

Phase 1 : Launchpad (Week 1-6)

Phase 2 : Stabilise and Soar (Week 7-12)

Phase 3 : Mastering the Mission (Week 13-20)

Phase 4 : Liftoff to a Brighter Future (Psychoeducational Phase)

(Consider renaming to "Relapse Prevention Phase" for better clarity)

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