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Leading Mental Health Care institute in India since last 15 years. Experience of treating over 10000 persons with chronic mental illnesses and addiction Brochure(English) Brochure(Marathi)


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M.S , Hasbronk Heights , USA

Through this video, Mr & Mrs Somani share their experience of fighting battle against mental illness. Mrs. Somani shares how showing courage to seek treatment has worked for her husband and her family’s life itself. They sought professional help and guidance from Nityanand Rehabilitation & Residential Mental Health Care Centre, Pune in 2002. During treatment he benefitted from medicine management, counselling, group therapy and also psychoeducation for family and himself. Since then Mr. Somani has been consistent with OPD follow ups and shows great recovery.
This is a great example of how acceptance, care and support along with right kind of treatment can make life better for those who suffer from mental illnesses.

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